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    International Butler Training Institute
    We from Héloma Private Service are committed to providing the best possible service.
    We will therefore make every effort to meet your expectations.
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Four weeks butler training

The fee for this unique, exclusive and high qualified four weeks training program, is € 7.950,- (seven thousand nine hundred and fifty euro) The training program includes your training at our training location, all of the materials you will need for your lessons, a Butler uniform, your accommodation (single bedroom with your own bathroom) a simple breakfast at your accommodation, lunch and dinner at the private house, and coffee, tea, and soft drinks throughout each day of training. At the end of the program, you will receive a unique diploma, our certificate.


What is required to join our training program? 

A minimum age of 18, no previous training or experience is required. "School English" is fine, we are not a language school. Of course, you must be able to communicate in English and understand the lessons, because they are in English. What is most important, is having a service oriented attitude and the right personality to become a professional butler.


Why our school is the number one of its kind,

Please forget the Downton Abby picture that you have in mind, it’s 100 years ago and not realistic any more. The modern Butler nowadays, is working all by himself, managing the hole house, a part off his jobs are Cooking, Laundry, Ironing, Housekeeping, Cleaning, Shopping for food, Organizing events and parties and much more.

For the practical training at our house, Role-playing is an important instrument, to get used to the demanding people you will work for, this is why Mr. Greveling, when you work as a real butler at his house, will be your high demanding principle Mr. Templton. Mr. Templton is not a Butler, so don’t look at him and judge him as a Butler, he will be your high demanding, extravagant, stylish and quirky principle with his own attitude and behavior.

Every single day is a practical learning day, all private dinner, high tea and cocktail parties at the house are real, the high demanding Mr. Templton is real and challenges are real, this is there for you to get your “learning by doing” training.

Mr. Greveling knows from his experience in the field, as a professional Butler, as well from his experience as a teacher and Head butler at TIBA, what it needs to become a success full professional English Butler. This is why he made this “learning by doing” training program, specially for the students at The International Butler Training Institute. To become a professional Butler you need practical experience, you have to see how it works, this is also the reason why The International Butler Training Institute works with less students. At school you are a working butler student, who wants to become a professional butler, so you have to be focused, concentrated and willing to learn, this is not possible if you are with a lot of students at the same training program, students are too busy with each other and teachers cannot be focused and give you the education you need to succeed. The International Butler Training Institute decided to train 2-3 students at each training program, so we can give you the hand outs, experience and expertise you need.

If you are interested our if you like to have more information, please feel free to contact us.  

Contact us

Training days:

The training days at The International Butler training Institute are from Mondays through Saturdays. You will be off on Sundays and all evenings, unless other events are organized. This will leave you enough time to work out your notes. On training days, we will work from 8:00am till after your dinner. You will be free in the evenings; during the training program you have to make one assignment.


When you become one of our students, given the privilege of participating in our unique, intensive six-week training program, we require the following from you:

  • Full dedication to the training program
  • Professional attitude & lawful behavior
  • Willingness to learn by doing
  • Bring 2 business suits (plain navy blue), plain ties, at least 3 white shirts, and dark black shoes and socks
  • Bring some casual and sports wear 

What you will receive in turn:

  • A unique training program, one of its kind in the world
  • Your own bedroom, with your own private bathroom 
  • Daily a simple Breakfast at your accommodation, Lunch and diner at our private house 
  • Coffee, tea and soft drinks during training hours
  • An excellent curriculum
  • Practical lessons: learning by doing
  • Step-by-step explanations of the topics
  • Free time in the evening and on Sundays when possible
  • Exclusive, and unique diploma or certificate
  • Training materials are included
  • Butler uniform
  • Student materials, suds as a briefcase, pen set from Charles Dickens, writing folder, umbrella, shoe polish and more.
  • A smoke-free environment 
  • Pickup from Schiphol International Airport                                                                          



          Student Butler Uniform                 Student Amineties  


Specially developed for you

The unique and exclusive training program is specially developed for you. During these four weeks of intensive training, you will learn a unique profession in a short amount of time, though learning by doing. We offer practical lessons to our students in our private house in the middle of the Netherlands. We train our students Mondays through Saturdays, from 8:00am until 8.00pm, at dinnertime, after which the training day is finished.

Exam day

At the end of the training program, you will have an exam day. This day will be divided in two parts: theory about the household handbook, and practical testing. This practical exam is basically like a real day of working as a butler. If you pass, you will receive our exclusive and unique diploma, our Certificate. We will also provide a  recommendation letter along with your diploma.


Become part of The International Butler Training Institute

Apply now and assure yourself a place at our unique training program. Email your Résumé (Curriculum Vitae) to info@heloma.nl and indicate which four-week training program you wish to attend, please look for available training dates. Our successful training program will give you the opportunity to start a new carrier into the world of hospitality, students come from all over the world and a place at our school is exclusive. Our graduates work at numerous corporate and private clients, hotels and resorts around the world.


For prospective students: 

Please study our website and find out why our training program is one of its kind in the world. To become a professional butler you don’t have to have your education at a big house our castle with an amount of rooms, expensive field trips, beautiful setup films and pictures about the school and even expensive websites, be aware you pay for all of this.

We are a smal school, with a normal typical Dutch house, but it’s there for you, to give you the education and experience you need. We belief we can give you the high qualified education you are looking for Please do your research, and find out the benefits you will have from our training program.


Contact us



Student letters:


Dear Mr. Greveling,


One year will almost past, however the thoughts about The Academy are still here and assumably not only me but follows every one of my ex fellow students.


I will admit that you were the highlight of all that journey we pass together and my happiness 'at the certain moment' is really big when I see that you found yourself in Heloma where 'One to one' really means a lot for someone who knows you already and knows what is the meaning of that, and who will meet you in closer future of course.


Thank you for you, for making my/our life so remarkable and at last, for being my/our Butler Sensei. Keep up good work with that eccentric and adorably charismatic character you have and of course, until next time.


Sincerely yours,




Dear Cornelis,


I hope you are well,

Your program and your academy look wonderful, what an great vision, learning by doing, I hope everything is fine and your students are happy because you are the best,

I miss you and I miss terribly your "at a certain moment, you have to listen, understand and execute" you are a star, and I am sure I still have plenty of things to learn from you, if I have the time and the luck to see you in the nearest future, I will be more than happy,

Take care of you Cornelis

Kind regards,

Your Colleague, Friend and still student Marvin.😊😊