_____________6-WEEKS: 576 HOURS OF TRAINING__________

We will provide a fantastic genuinely unique job based in the Middle East.

"In case of proven suitability"


This six-week intensive "learning by doing" training program is intended for those who want to become a butler.
This training program gives you the expertise to work as head butler, it gives you all the expertise to manage a complete household. The training includes Hotel butler training.

 A small selection of the curriculum:

  • Introduction into the world of butler service

Field trips to:  O'MAGGIO House of Tailors, Miele Experience center, Silver museum and PSG security, Amsterdam, Wijngoed Fromberg Champagne,The Little Grand and much more.

  • 3 days Hotel butler training (Unique! No Other Butler school provides this) 
  • Executive driving (Unique! No Other Butler school provides this) 
  • Image consulting (Unique! No Other Butler school provides this) 
  • Tailer made suits 
  • Etiquette and Protocol
  • Business etiquette
  • Housemanagement
  • Housekeeping
  • Table service/Table setting
  • Suitcase packing/un-packing
  • Ironing skills
  • Wardrobe management
  • Dress for succes
  • Cooking skills Miele Vianen NL.
  • Silver polishing
  • Masterclass Shoe polishing Amsterdam NL.
  • Wine, Whiskey and Champagne tasting Fieldtrip Wijngoed Fromberg NL.
  • Cigar lightning and presentation lessons
  • Masterclass Flower arrangement's 
  • security lessons
  • This is a small selection of our Curriculum 

(* Only when possible and available) 

The training program includes your training at our training location,"Hôtel du Corné", all the materials you need for the lessons, field trips, a 3 piece Butler uniform, 2 white shirts, cufflinks, white and black gloves, bowtie and shoes, Coffee and tea break. At the end of the training, you will receive an unique diploma.

The fee for this unique, exclusive and high qualified six-weeks Butler training, is € 6.450,- (six thousand four hundred and fifty euro).

The training fee                        € 6.450

Accommodation and Meals   € 2.500

Invest in yourself and start this educational journey with us to become the Butler you always wanted to be. 


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____________________AWORLD CLASS BUTLER-HOSPITALITY SCHOOL___________________


We are the one and only Butler schools with more than 20 years field experience.


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  • A unique training program, one of its kind in the world.
  • Complete reference work "the household book" with handouts from the lessons.
  • Small groups, personal attention. max 5 students. 
  • Coffee and tea break.
  • An excellent curriculum.
  • Practical lessons: "learning by doing".
  • Executive driving lessons.
  • Field trips and Master Classes.
  • Step-by-step explanations of the topics.
  • Free time on Sundays when possible.
  • Exclusive, and unique diploma or certificate.
  • Training materials are included.
  • Butler uniform three part, two white shirts, bow tie, white and black cloves, black patent shoes and cufflinks. 
  • Student materials, suds as a briefcase, writing folder, umbrella and more. 
  • Hotel Butler training.
  • Internship at the Little Grand.
  • Pickup from Schiphol International Airport.                                                                          




After the first glass of bubbles you start with an extensive lunch with beautiful products from the Limburg country. After lunch you will get into your legs: you will get a tour of the vineyard and you will taste two more delicious wines. Through a photo presentation, text and explanation will be given about, among other things, the history of the winery, the origin of the vineyard, flowering and growth from the vines, harvesting and pruning the vines. We will then leave the tasting room and visit the room where the wine press, wine barrels and other equipment are located, where the vinification process is discussed. Finally, we will visit the wine cellar where the winegrower will end the tour 






Apply now and assure yourself a place at our unique training program. Email your Résumé (Curriculum Vitae) to: a.ashley@butlertraininginstitute.com  and indicate which training program you wish to attend, please look for available training dates. Our successful training program will give you the opportunity to start a new carrier as Butler, students come from all over the world and a place at our school is exclusive. Our graduates work at numerous private clients, hotels and resorts around the world.   


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Jeff Deutsch  recommends International Butler training Institute.
Dear Mr. Cornelis Greveling

Though I have not attended the International Butler Training Institute, I did have the privilege to be trained by Cornelis Greveling at TIBA. Mr. Greveling, is a genuine gentleman with superior professional buttling experience, knowledge and skill. I found him to have true love, passion in his instructive methods and techniques. If I had been aware of Mr. Greveling's training institute prior to attending tiba, this would have been my first choice.

Great full and honored to have been taught by a master craftsman.

Jeff Deutsch


Ivan  recommends International Butler training Institute.

Dear Mr. Greveling,


One year will almost past, however the thoughts about The Academy are still here and assumably not only me but follows every one of my ex fellow students.

I will admit that you were the highlight of all that journey we pass together and my happiness 'at the certain moment' is really big when I see that you found yourself in The Int. Butler Training Institute where 'One to one' really means a lot for someone who knows you already and knows what is the meaning of that, and who will meet you in closer future of course.

Thank you for you, for making my/our life so remarkable and at last, for being my/our Butler Sensei. Keep up good work with that eccentric and adorably charismatic character you have and of course, until next time.

Sincerely yours,



Marvin   recommends International Butler training Institute.

Dear Cornelis,

I hope you are well,

Your program and your academy look wonderful, what an great vision, learning by doing, I hope everything is fine and your students are happy because you are the best,

I miss you and I miss terribly your "at a certain moment, you have to listen, understand and execute" you are a star, and I am sure I still have plenty of things to learn from you, if I have the time and the luck to see you in the nearest future, I will be more than happy,

Take care of you Cornelis

Kind regards,

Your Colleague, Friend and still student Marvin.😊😊