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    International Butler Training Institute
    We from Héloma Private Service are committed to providing the best possible service.
    We will therefore make every effort to meet your expectations.
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The International Butler Training Institute!


The International Butler Training Institute, will offer a four-week all-inclusive

Training program. The training fee for this four-week training program will be € 7.950,- , this includes everything you need for the training.



The Training 

The International Butler Training Institute is proud to let you know that the next available training for 2018 will start at Monday February, 5, 2018. 

Please look for all available training dates at this page, and join the private butler training program, we look forward to work with you on this private service journey 


Available Training dates 2018


February 5 - March 3 FULL

April 24 - May 20 FULL

June 4 - June 30

August 6 - September 1

Oktober 1 - November 3 


Please send your resumé (Curriculum Vitae) to info@heloma.nl

our sign up at our contact page.




Your own butler@home





Contact us


Other Training News:


The International Butler Training Institute, will give from 25 September - 30 September,

                          a Hospitality training at a 5 star Hotel in Dubai.


The International Butler Training Institute "Héloma"

has given a training for professional Butlers from August, 21 - 25, 2017.