________________ABOUT US______________

The International Butler Training Institute


Cornelis Greveling, visionary in the field of Butler service and elected several times as butler of the year, has always imagined an extraordinary Butler school, where students can expect a unique and unforgettable experience.

his creme de la creme team consists of the very best butlers in the trade as well as guest teachers of world class.



_________________WHO ARE YOU__________________

We have an Excellent, Unique and High Qualified Training program


  • You have a service-oriented attitude and you are interested in learning the butler profession,
  • You are driven to learn the butler profession in a short period of 6 weeks, under the guidance of the very best.
  • To give all of your attention to this regardless of the number of hours that are required for this,
  • You want to learn how to lead a household according to your own insight, with an eye for detail and integrity.
  • After obtaining your diploma, you can fulfill any versatile function with your organizational skills.
  • You understand and can speak the English language




____________WHAT DO WE OFFER________


We offer a complete all-inclusive butler training of 6 weeks,

who are completely prepared to function both independently and in a team. After the training you will be able to fulfill the wishes of your future employer independently.

At our butler school you will have the opportunity to pursue your dream and we will support you so that you learn all the tools to fulfill your future duties.

You will learn from the best butlers in the butler profession.

In addition to all this, you have the opportunity to work and learn at an inspiring training location, in the heart of the Netherlands, near Amsterdam.

The excellent Butler training Institute Team, led by Cornelis Greveling, insists on providing all students with an ultimate unique experience,

They are fully focused to provide all students with the best education in the world in terms of service and hospitality,

in addition, the individual wishes of the student are taken into account.

Do you want to learn from the very best and do you have the passion to make your dream come true, then register via our contact page for a butler training at the number 1 Butler training institute in the world.


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