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The International Butler Training Institute


The International Butler Training Institute, is a unique and high qualify hospitality, housemanagement and butler training institute. We pride ourselves in being the only butler training program of its kind in the world. We work with small groups, max 5 students. We are proud that we trained several famous Private houses, Hotels and Resorts with our, 'Learning by doing' program. 



_________________WHO ARE WE__________________

We have an Excellent, Unique and High Qualified Training program


The Int. Butler Training Institute was founded in 2009 by our executive director Mr. Cornelis Greveling.

Mr. Greveling was born in the Netherlands and has more than 20 years experience as a professional Butler and as Senior Butler Instructor. His career ranges from working for various private families and corporate clients to hotels and resorts. Over the years, he has invested time and energy making the butler profession his passion, particularly when it comes to personalized service. He works worldwide with professionals in the industry to achieve the highest level of expertise by combining education and practical experiences.

Throughout his career, Mr. Greveling knows what it needs to become a success full professional English butler. That's why Mr. Greveling started The International Butler Training Institute, based on his philosophy, ‘learning by doing’.  


                                                                     Mr. Tempelton the principal of the Faculty    





The training is based on our own experience and expertise; we work with our own household management handbook that is especially written for our students. During the intensive training program, we will address the topics in this handbook. And we give you the opportunity to write your own household management handbook. We will provide you with handouts, which you can use to complete your own handbook


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