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    The International Butler Training Institute
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We are urgently looking for a female butler.

For The Netherlands

We are looking for a female butler, with several years of experience.

For the north of the Netherlands, with a passion for cooking, who can handle children well and also not lose sight of the family.

Start of salary € 60.000 gross per year!

Please send your motivation letter and 

Curriculum Vitae, with a recent photo,

to Info@heloma.nl













Butler Training at The Int. Butler Training Institute

The training program, At Your Service, Junior Butler and The Head Butler Training, includes your private training at the training location, all of the materials you will need for your lessons, your accommodation with  breakfast, lunch and dinner provided at the training location, coffee and tea, throughout each day of training. At the end of the program, you will receive a unique diploma, our certificate.

Please look at The Training page for more information, details and the different training programs we offer.  


flexible and small-scale in training


The Training



The possibility to obtain your Butler Diploma. 


The next  Butler training, at The Int. Butler Training Institute, will start at February 18, 2019 


Your Dream, Our Pleasure !



This will be a complete all-inclusive four-weeks Junior Butler Training



After obtaining your diploma at The International Butler Training Institute,

Your level of quality and performance will be a luxury for those you work for ! 

What do we offer you:


Complete Head Butler training, as described on our website

Unique Curriculum, Learning by doing.

Inclusive all teaching materials.

A Unique Training location


How to sign up for this training program:


Send your resume including photo to info@heloma.nl

Or go to the contact page of this website.


If you are interested in one of our Butler training programs, please sign up quickly,

we still have max. 5 places available.


I hope to welcome you as a student on the first training day. 


Mr. C. Greveling

Executive director/Professional Butler


Please have a look at the Current Jobs page for the job guarantee,

The International Butler Training Institute offers to their students !


Contact us

We have an exclusive, unique and high qualified training program for you

Students who will join one of our Butler training programs this year:


Mr. Meno van der Sloot

Mrs. Amanda Söne - Möller

Mr. Dave Tijkstra



The International Butler training Institute offers different unique and exclusive private butler training programs. Go ahead and sign up for this unique and exclusive opportunity!

Please send your resumé (Curriculum Vitae) to info@heloma.nl our sign up at our contact page.

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