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The Int. Butler Training Institute      Household handbook

Our training programs, The Junior Butler and the Head butler training are based on our own experience and expertise; we work with our own household handbook that is specially written for our students. During the intensive training program, at The International Butler Training Institute we will address the topics in this household handbook. However, our philosophy is ‘Learning by doing’, so we will also give you the opportunity to write your own household handbook. We will provide you with handouts, which you will use to complete your own household handbook.

The Training

Private Butler Training at The Int. Butler Training Institute

The training program, At Your Service, Junior Butler and The Head Butler Training, includes your private training at the training location, all of the materials you will need for your lessons, your accommodation with  breakfast, lunch and dinner provided at the training location, coffee and tea, throughout each day of training. At the end of the program, you will receive a unique diploma, our certificate.

Please look at The Training page for more information, details and the different training programs we offer.  





The possibility to obtain your Butler Diploma. 


The next Head Butler training, at The Int. Butler Training Institute, will start at January 14, 2019 till March 1, 2019


Your Dream, Our Pleasure !


Iff you sign up before December 1, 2018, we have a special offer for you: 

The complete All-Inclusive Training of € 9950, - for € 9450, -


After obtaining your diploma at The International Butler Training Institute,

Your level of quality and performance will be a luxury for those you work for ! 

What do we offer you:


Complete Head Butler training, as described on our website

Unique Curriculum, Learning by doing.

Inclusive all teaching materials.

Tailor made Dark blue suit.

A Unique Training location


How to sign up for this training program:


Send your resume including photo to info@heloma.nl

Or go to the contact page of this website.


If you are interested in this Head Butler training, please sign up quickly, we only have a maximum of 5 places available.


I hope to welcome you as a student on the first training day. 


Mr. C. Greveling

Executive director/Professional Butler


Contact us

We have an exclusive, unique and high qualified training program for you

The training location

Dinner-Class room

Dinner-Class room


The International Butler training Institute offers different unique and exclusive private butler training programs. Go ahead and sign up for this unique and exclusive opportunity!

Please send your resumé (Curriculum Vitae) to info@heloma.nl our sign up at our contact page.

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