Ever dreamt to become a private Butler



The modern Butler is more than a waiter in a tuxedo.

A Butler is more than luxury.

The modern Butler is an Executive Manager who can take the

 worries away from his employer, so they can focus on things

which are truly important to them such as

there family and there business.


You as a Butlers will learn to manage the household but also

 cooking , valet, driving, how to

assist and accompany there employer on his/her travels,

Pack and unpack suitcases, take care the wardrobe, table setting,

the art of service,

Organize private dinner parties and even big events

And much, much more


Our Butler Training Institute works from our own experience,

with our “learning by doing” program

The Int. Butler Training Institute and there professionally high qualified butler trainers are at

your service.


The next available Training:

October 7, 2019 – November 15, 2019

The International Butler Training Institute (Héloma)

Kooikersgracht 11, 3831 NG, Leusden. The Netherlands.

 E-mail: info@heloma.nl


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